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Howdy-dood—…[She whistles lowly, only flinching in a little in pain and double pistols with her fingers and winks. Though it’s hard, she manages to bite back a cringe at how cheesey that was.] Always great to meet someone else with a penchant for the paranormal.

*Zoe raises an eyebrow as the woman appears to start to say hello, and then reacts completely differently. All right then. This could be interesting. She is about to say hello, when her jaw drops a little and she raises an eyebrow, a little guarded* How did you-

*she shakes her head, trying to wrap her head around how this girl knew at a glance* How did you know that?

[She knocks on the side of her head with her knuckles, ignoring how much the simple action increased the dull ache in her head and grins.] It’s a medium thing, sorry, I never mean to intrude on people’s lives or secrets, it’s just one of those things that haaaaa…ppens…I forgot to introduce myself, didn’t I? Sorry; Janis Jones but call me JJ, everyone does. At least everyone I’ve met. Not everyone in the world. Yet.

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